What do you think? What do you think?
 Due to the current economies for the AR15 series rifle, we have been encouraged by many shooters to consider a Center Balanced unit for the AR15 units.  There are excellent AR units for less than $500 currently, which makes them less expensive than many AK47 rifles.  As such, due to our best economy philosophy, it seems reasonable to consider doing a unit for the AR15 at this time.

In the past, that development has not occurred to us, since the AR has an excellent recoil system and is already pretty ergonomic.  However, some of the "enhancements" for current units require shortened barrels, which diminishes the overall range and power of the 5.56 or .308 cartridge.  That sacrifice is a bit too much to give up but is something our system normally overcomes.

The negative with having a hands forward of the receiver system such as ours is that the length of pull would be over-long, if the butt remained where it is currently on the AR units.

Some folks have tried shortening the buffer tube and spring to try to overcome this, with limited success.  Sacrificing the current excellent recoil system and functioning of the AR is something we do not believe is worth that kind of trade-off.  The shorter M4 buffer tube and spring may be a consideration, but could create ansilliary issues, but we'll see.

But before we head too far down any R&D road, we wanted to get your general feedback on some photoshopped thoughts that utilize an over the shoulder system that would allow the buffer tube area to be used as a cheekpiece, while accommodating a more reasonable LOP without sacrificing the power inherent with the longer barrel.

Gallery II
Mosin Nagant
CLT System
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What do you think?

So, if you've got a minute and have any preclivities of providing feedback, we'd appreciate hearing from you about your thoughts regarding the attached concepts.
Many competition shooters of the AR, as well as SWAT members, in tight situations, turn the handle of the unit , laying the flat part of the butt on their shoulders and pull it back, thereby reducing the overall length and providing more ease of operability in cramped quarters.

As such we think it's not too far a stretch to start with the shorter overall unit and benefitting from the rifle being in the vertical position by using our Center Balanced concept.

Even so, your feedback is appreciated.  Send us an email  at brwebsite@yahoo.com and let us know your thoughts.
We may try to make the length of pull adjustable, but wanted to get feedback from responsibile shooters before heading down an expensive R&D road.
Here are the current working prototypes;  The  standard carbine grip, the standard grip with our V-grip and the Mitten Grip fitted on a system with a 20" barrel -  Still testing

The firing prototype for the carbine has performed superbly and is perfect for those who use a tight tactical posture.  We're looking forward to the 20" long version for even better feel and function for the long range shooter.