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with black pic rails
with raw pic rails
Grip designations:
1 = Black Delrin grip chassis
2 = Raw aluminum grip chassis
3 = Black Delrin grip chassis with front strap
All units are for Ruger 1022  with 18.5" barrels- standard or bull
Customer comparison of Beretta ARX 160 with RRB3
Raptor Installation
Raptor firing demo - note BX25 mag fix
The CBRPS products for the 1022 .22 long rifle caliber rifle has an extended butt section that both accommodates the minimum 26" overall rifle length, while also providing superb LOP and balance.  The space/mechanism located in the butt area accommodates carrying a 10 round Ruger rotary mag.
​Compound Leverage trigger system for the Ruger Raptor and Ranger units
The Ranger is our lightest, most economical unit for the 1022.  It utilizes an AR grip trunnion so you can use whatever AR grip style you want.  

Base pricing now includes a 15" upper pic rail.   To add the charging handle, add $30.  To add a pair of 4" pic rails at the front left and right side, add $20.  To add a V-Grip, add $40.  To add flip up sights, add $20.  Trigger color is black.  Specify Trigger guard color when ordering (black or raw).  Specify rails colors when ordering (black or raw).

Units are matte black.  A few raw lowers are available for a limited time.  

This raw finish unit in the middle has the added V-Grip
Test Firing the Ruger Ranger
The Raptor system thumb ring Rapier pistol chassis allows for 25 round mags.  Most mags just drop out with the release lever at the front of the factory trigger location mag release.  The Ruger BX-25 unit needs to have the ansillary added bulge at the backside (not on their normal mags) filed down a few thousandths.

The Raptor accommodates see thru iron sighting with the factory sights.

Differing finishes are offered as noted below.  Let us know what color uppers and lowers, pic rails and pistol grip chassis are wanted and we'll make every attempt to accomodate your request.
Customer comparison of M4 with RRR2
The Israeli AG43 grip is exquisite, but the trunnion accepts all AR type grips (some trimming may be required for beavertail units)
Here's a nice Ranger Customer setup with Leupold VX-3 scope and riser, Kidd internals, Atlas bipod, KAW Compensator and Custom "Deep Space" Kryptek paint by the Customer.   
Nice Unit!

Ruger Raptor - $312 - 2 pounds 12 oz
For whatever reason, some customers have been missing the info included on the firing demo related to the bulge on the back of the BX25 25 round mag that has been added but that needs to be filed down some for ease of removal.  
​Now comes with CLT System standard!
​Rangers  have the 15" upper rail as standard and offers a left side charging handle (add $30)
Ruger Ranger $282 - 2 pounds 4 oz
The new charging handle for the Ranger works perfectly with the standard tapered Ruger barrel
​Raw lower mock-up
Ruger Raider - $302 - 2 pounds 10 oz
The Raider is being re-offered.   The Raider uses the lower of the Rapier grip with the upper  of the Ranger, yielding a smaller height profile.   

Base pricing now includes a 15" upper pic rail.   To add a left side charging handle, add $30.  To add a pair of 4" pic rails at the front left and right side, add $20.   To add flip up sights, add $20.