Note:   Optics, bipods, barrel mounted quad rails and extended magazines shown installed on the products are not included, but are accommodated by our designs for your consideration and use.
Gallery II
Mosin Nagant
AK Billett Gas Tube
CLT System
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Center Balanced Systems

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These are a few of the AR grips that can be utilized on the AR trunnion that comes on the MNAR, the SKSAR and other units forthcoming.  The far left unit, the A2 is what the AR normally comes with.  The rubberized Hogue fits without any modification.  

The Ergo grips from Magpul, Israeli industries, Mako and UTG products and any others that include a beavertail extension require trimming off the appendage extending above the plane of the main grip.

Some of our kits have an integral fold down front grip.  The grip is made of solid Delrin, so is exceptionally strong.  It has  spring lock mechanism to keep it either up or down.

Below note the Remington 597, the SKS Sporter and the Mosin Nagant Standard, showing the fold down front grip system locked open.

Many of our stocks accommodate a .575" red dot laser from NC Star.

We suggest purchasing the NC Star Red Laser Sight (ARLS - about $15) and the Pressure Switch for Red Lasers (ALWS - about $6)
 from Amazon.