Mosin Nagant

Mosin Nagant
New for 2014 -  Due to requests from customers, we have developed a one piece butt cover for straight bolt users of the system, as well as brought back the rear mono-pod.  It still has a bipod notch as an integral part of the chassis (see above), eliminating the need to attach one to the barrel as shown in the adjacent picture (though some swear that accuracy is actually better).  The chassis and side panels are aluminum, so it's a bit beefy (5 lbs).  The one piece butt system with the butt-pod will be  standard on units after April 16, 2014.
The Mosin Nagant, firing the robust 7.62x54R cartridge, due to the 31-1/2" barrel and phenomenal ballistics characteristics of the cartridge provide an excellent long range rifle well suited for the CBRPS.    The overall length is 40" and fits well in a 42" tactical bag.  The rifle can be balanced easily with one hand with the CBRPS system. 

Due to our philosophy of providing a state of the art stock system for excellent older barreled actions, we could not ignore the time proven Mosin-Nagant.
Speed bolt by 
There has been some question regarding the accuracy of the Standard scope/handle mount unit.  Please see the attached photo taken of 9 shots at 100 yards.  Shots 1-4 were sighting in and shots 5-9 (there is a cluster of three shots so close that it looks like two) were done without additional adjustment.  The one inch group represented by shots 5-9 seems to us to be reasonably acceptable for the Standard.

Mosin Nagant Cossack Rifle - $315
The Cossack is available in several configurations, depending on preference. 
Cossack Pistol  - $295 
For MN 38 and M44 units, as well as 9130 units 
For MN 9130 units  (includes mono pod at rear butt)
Cossack Rifle  - $315 
Exposed barrel, includes SS 6" Scope mount
All units are prepped for Timney triggers (strongly recommended) and .575" red lazer units (enclosed at front barrel end piece) and come in powder coated black finish.  White is an additional $35.

Note - Some 9130 units have the rear sight base pins silver soldered in, and sometimes the pin holes are not drilled level with the horizontal plane  - If you're not sure, and you don't have any interest in punching out those pins, we suggest you get the Cossack ES Model (Elevated Scope shroud - shown further below)
From a customer -
"...the rifle is now nicely balanced and the felt recoil is actually less than stock.  We cut our barrel to 22" with an 11 deg target crown, Cerakoted all black - shot a Mickey Mouse shaped group with six shots at 100 yards from sitting position, unsupported with Bulgarian corrosive.  .550 MOA - We are seriously impressed."
Mosin Nagant Cossack ES - $340
... or you could use it with our Muzzle Brake and put some flip up iron sights on the unit, if you prefer ....
These have the thermo formed butt .... let us know if you prefer that style ...
The grip chassis can be requested in black or in raw aluminum.  This one has the Raw Aluminum grip chassis
The unit can also be requested in white (additional $35).
All Cossack (and MNAR) units come with the barrel end prepped to accomodate the .575" NC Star Model APLS or ARLS laser unit and the Laser light pressure switch ALWS
Cossack Pistol  with barrel cover - $310
MNAR $325
The 8" lower pic rail accomodates the bi-pod, of course, but also allows the use of rubber covers for a more comfortable standing left hand cradle.
The grip trunnion we provide accomodates most AR type grips.  This one is the Israeli model, but the factory AR, Hogue Rubber, UTG Ergo and others will all work (with a bit of fitting).
MN Speedbolt Operations Function
This is the MNAR with our "muzzle bucket" mounted on an M44.  It is testing well and suitable for M44 and M53 units with the bayonet and trunnion removed and 9130 units with the barrel shortened 10".
For customers who like the AR grip profile and grip options, but who also want the increased heavy long range ballistics of the 7.62x54r cartridge.

Our Wedge or Spade Muzzle brake works great with these light units.  We believe recoil reduction is at least a third less felt recoil.
Mosin Nagant Standard Rifle - $315
The Speedbolt is well suited for lefties, as well righties who want to keep their eyes on target while operating the bolt with their left hand.  Speedbolt work is by jhrobert@charter.net.  Contact him for that work.

  • MNPG (The Pig Gun) $280
For those shooters who want to retain their bayonet on their M44 or Type 53.

This is a very suitable rifle to take down 800 lb ferrel pigs that may have overtaken cultivated property that need to be eradicated.  Due to numerous requests of pig Huntsmen, we have come up with what we believe to be a significant tool for that demanding job, providing a parallel system for the complete dispatching job of the ferrel intruders.
This is the Muzzle Brake for the 9130 that utilizes the Mosin Nagant front dovetail base for attachment.  The unit twists on and behind the base so as such gunsmithing is not required.  We've found that the felt recoil reduction is about 30-40%.

This unit makes firing the 54r a delight to shoot instead of a somewhat dreaded experience due to the heavy ballistics and associated recoil the 54r delivers.
The Muzzle Brake (Wedge Model) comes separately - $65 for customers who purchase a CBRPS Mosin Nagant Stock
Price for customers who purchase a 9130 stock is $65.  Price for other customers is $85 plus shipping at this time.
When ordering, specify Wedge or Spade 
Available NOW!!!
Gen II Spade with expansion ribs
These are now in stock!
2014 MN - Black is standard.  However, this unit is pictured with the optional raw aluminum handle and pic rail finishes.  The Wedge muzzle Brake is an additional $65 to customer who purchase a stock from us as well.
New features with the 2014 model include one-piece butt for Straight bolt shooters.

New for this year is the front micro-pod for those times when a simple front rest may be easier (like bench shooting).  It attaches to the front of the fold down front grip.  The micro-pod will be  included in kits after April 16, 2014.
Butt Options available for Cossack ES and MNAR Straight bolt users
These are available in Matte Black powdercoat - Olive green or White is an additional $35 -
Israeli arms pistol grip is standard
To add the V-Grip - $40; upgrade to Magpul rubberized grip - add $10
See Gen II units below
See Gen II units below
The Thermo formed and Three piece "Lefty"  are also suitable for Speedbolt users (Lefty is hinged)
Thermo formed

Three piece (Lefty)
Three piece (Lefty)
Thermo formed

MNPP (Pig Pistol)
  • MNPP (The Pig Pistol) $250
MNPG Installation
Customer quote:  "I absolutely love my MNAR platform - with handloads I'm shooting 4 out of 5 on an 18" disc at 1000 yards"
With regret, due to feedback and  our discovery that most of the factory Mosin Nagant rear sight pins have been drilled out of plane, we will be discontinuing this particular model, since optics mounting would be flawed.  
These pictures will shortly be removed from the website.  We will be offering the MNXCaliber system later this year which would use the UTG 11mm pic system on the factory dovetail for optics mounting.  It will be this basic profile as well as provide a trigger system with a target trigger stop.